Theory 13 Creative was originally formed in 2003 as Labrador Communications. Named after the owner, Tim Kent’s Labrador Retriever, Ella, the company was founded on the premise of “Retrieving Results”. Retrieve results the company did and as a result, grew significantly during the following years. With it’s expanded resources, extensive vendor contacts, and an amazing talent pool each passing day brought exciting new prospects and increased business- there was no doubt the company was on the fast track to “success”.

    In mid-2006 we finally achieved the level of success we forth for ourselves and were brought to a crossroads of what to do next with Labrador and how it was structured. Because we didn’t anticipate such quick growth we were required to reformat and restructure Labrador accordingly. Regretfully, due to a naming conflict with another outfit, we were unable to continue on as Labrador Communications but that didn’t take away any thunder when Theory 13 Creative was born! Deemed T-13 creative (for short) the company is host to some of the most talented creative professionals out there today. This group eats sleep and breaths their respective crafts.

    T-13 is a high energy, aggressive, and dedicated advertising agency ready to fulfill your every need. We work with our clients to form plans and assets to fit their goals and budgets while consistently exceeding expectations! Likewise, we are not an agency who’s the only mission to make something that looks “cool”. Our passion is to get to know you and your product or service so we can promote, advertise, and market it accordingly. We aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves or spend some time in the “field”.

    We’re excited and happy to do what it takes to get the job done and make your company a success! If you’re a company who’s tired of lackluster advertising and marketing efforts, someone looking to build your brand or you just can’t get a call back from your account rep who seems too busy with other clients to serve YOU, contact us today! Let us show you how we can take your company to the next level.

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